April 30th, 2004


Agents, reviews, rights -- and things

The Publisher's Weekly review of Deep Blue will hit the stands with the May 3rd edition. The minute it is pre-sent to my editor, he'll send it to me, and I'll share it here. Interesting things have come about due to this review. I was in the process of negotiating to get an agent to market my work - that back-and-forth with said agent is where The Orffyreus Wheel was born.

Last night I got an e-mail from Publisher's Weekly. They wanted to know A: were the film / tv rights of Deep Blue available and B: If so, who should they put in the database as the contact. I was going to put myself, but then I forwarded the e-mail to Irene, and it seems I now have an agent. She okayed the putting of her name and contact information there, and she and I are discussing the mass-market rights situation, and the contract with Five Star / Tekno Books...

When I first sold the book to Tekno I knew I was taking a chance, and I think it's paying off, despite the fact that if/when I sell other rights than those already purchased I owe them 20% for the next five years. That sounds like a lot, and when you add in the agent's fee for selling it, if/when she does, it seems even worse. Likely I'll get only about 65% of the money.

65% I will add, of money that would not exist without the entire situation unwinding exactly as it has, and so I will not even spend a SECOND being upset over paying that money / percentage. I will, in fact, rejoice, because I won't owe Tekno anything on the next book, and if a splash can be made with this one, then the money is worth it. I hope for their sakes, and for my own, that the movie rights DO sell, and we all get rich, but I know the odds on that are about the same as my flinging a quarter across the Potomac w/out hitting the ferry on its way out of port.

The books should arrive shortly. The review will be out Monday. I'm going to be a wrecked bundle of nerves until then, so I'm doing the only thing I can do. I piled my truck full of 4X4 treated lumber and I'm going to build a brace around the pool edge so my family can go swimming. We lost our pool during Isabel - but the insurance, those wonderful folks who couldn't bring themselves to help us with the roof, paid for a new pool ...?? Trish put it better than I ever could. They said to us, "Here's a brand new pool, better than the old one and ...oh yeah, here's a tube of calk - you want to climb up and fix that leaky roof??" It's like that. The pool is about six inches taller than the old one. The deck built around it, unfortunately, is the same height it always was ....so I build.

Anyway, we scrimped and saved and got our own roofer, and if White Wolf can ever be coerced into sending the second half of my advance on the novel I turned in in Feb, I'll force the roofer up to finish the job. Here's another thing. We paid him some money, and he started. We told him, Anthony, the VERY TOP is where it leaks - it's flat, and the water gathers, and it pours down into our house.

He started, of course, at the bottom. All of it is done now, except the part that leaked all along (grrr).

So, I'm goint to TRY to work on "Wishes" this afternoon and try not to freak out over the impending book, and try NOT to muck up the angles on the wood and have to buy more and try NOT to cut off any fingers with the circular saw....(sigh).

It's going to be a long weekend.

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