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The First signing for The Mote in Andrea’s Eye

Well, I’ve had worse signings, and I’ve had better. It was a pleasant little store, there was free gourmet coffee, and I didn’t get “skunked” – I sold one in the store, and one to someone who called because they were upset that they missed the signing. I also met a guy who may help me find a new job, and found out about a placement company two doors down that ALSO might find me a job. I think as the bookstore owner has more events and signings, and people get more excited about it all, things will pick up. I know that the next signing, the 24th at Carolina Moon Books, already has four pre-sold – which doubles my output at the first one.

This morning my buddy Rich Rowand – editor of Recipedujour.com ran a little advertising spot for me (thanks Rich). This is not only the best daily recipe newsletter I’ve ever seen, but it has a daily note from Rich, another from Tim and on the weekends you get columns from Walter Mills. The folks who subscribe share recipes, talk about their favorite books – it’s a good way to wake up in the morning, and if you need a recipe, you’ll find it at their site.

On a sour note, the International Thriller Writers, who I not only joined with high hopes, but volunteered to help out with their newsletter, managed to put out the only Thrillerreaders newsletter that’s mattered to me since joining without bothering to mention my book, despite my sending in the proper information and following up on it – and despite my writing some of the text for them for the newsletter. Not a happy moment, I can tell you…more on that later.

Storytellers Unplugged Update

We have new faces, and new words over at Storytellers Unplugged New members include George Guthridge, Stan Ridgley, Frank Wydra, Chet Williamson, Brian Hodge and Mort Castle. The essays are informative, entertaining, and best of all? Free. Come join us each day for a new slice of some writer’s life. Leave a comment, they appreciate knowing they aren’t writing into a void.

Anyway…just got out of the pool and dried Katie off…got everyone dressed, supper is on the stove; despite the current job woes, we aren’t starving. Everyone is healthy, pretty happy, and the new CD I ordered (pre job loss) of Absent Element, the band featuring the voice of American Idol Chris Daughtry, is in the CD player – and it rocks. It’s funny…you can buy this for 15-20 bucks on eBay – or you can do what I did, find the band’s site and buy it for $7.50 (lol). Nothing like the Internet for diversity.


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