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The Games of Our Fathers

This is probably jumping the gun a little, but I don’t think Laura will mind too much. I have the honor of being selected for the Showcase at LauraHird.Com the website of Scottish author Laura Hird. This is an amazing site, if you haven’t visited it yet. It has showcased poetry and fiction, a markets page that has a lot of obscure and some less obscure markets for your work, a message board, and much more. Since it is Father’s Day, and since the title of the story I have in the SUMMER issue of Laura Hird.com is “The Games of Our Fathers,” I thought it would be appropriate to put a link over to Laura’s site. The story is already searchable at Altavista.com – so you COULD have stumbled onto it all on your own. The SPRING issue is still up at the main site…Summer to come soon in Scotland, I suppose.

Anyway…this is one of those stories I wrote knowing I am best-remembered for my genre fiction – and that this story wouldn’t fit. I don’t know if it’s mainstream, literary fiction….but I know it was born of late nights listening to the radio with my grandfather…not exactly my father, but I barely knew my birth father, and my step-father deserves no eulogies…

Read…Enjoy…Tell me what you think:

The Games of Our Fathers

This weekend I’ll give my thoughts on PIXAR/DISNEY’S CARS – and no, I didn’t’ dislike it in the way everyone else seems to have…I thought it rocked… GO MATER!


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