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Today is the first day that my new short story collection, “Ennui & Other States of Madness” is available for preorder. ennui_large_1_.jpgI’m happy to say this one will be for sale in three states, and one of them is an affordable trade paperback! This is a massive collection, over 120,000 words of fiction, including a brand new novella and a couple of previously unpublished stories. The cover art is by the talented Mr. Don Paresi - the introduction was written by Brian Hodge. I’m thrilled to have this one coming out…it is (by request of the publisher) a “definitive” collection, spanning many years, many styles…and many words. You can pre-order this by clicking on the cover image!

The Table of Contents:

Ennui -First published at Amazon.com Shorts
Death And His Brother Sleep -First Publication
From My Reflection Darkly -First Published in Deathrealm
The Gentle Brush Of Wings -First Published in “Defining Moments”
You Are Just Like Gods -First Published in “Extremes”
For These Things I Am Truly Thankful -First Published in “Haunted Holidays”
Pretty Boys In Blue And Long Hair Dangling -Seen once in this very blog
In His Heart Live Dragons -First Published in Deathrealm
New Leather & Old Cognac -First Published in Cemetery Dance as “For Sylvia” published at Amzon.com
Darkness & And The Light -First Published in “The Gosssamer Eye”
The Call Of Farther Shores -First Published in “Lost on the Darkside,” Reprinted 2005: Best Horror
The Fall Of The House Of Escher -First published in “The Fall of the House of Escher & Other Illusions”
Blameless -First published in Robert Bloch’s Psychos
When Words Collide -First Published in “SHIVERS”
The Whirling Man -First Published in “The Darker Side”
More Than Words -First Published in “Extremes IV”
The Preacher’s Marsh -Unpublished


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