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Thought you'd all enjoy a post I made today on my website - the new blog (much like this old blog) I'm still trying to figure out what to do...I love Live Journal, but my website is WordPress, and keeping them both up seems silly... (sigh).


I was reading over at Storytellers Unplugged and got all caught up in Brian Hodge’s new essay on - of all things - despair.  I’m not going to try and follow in his footsteps or belabor a point, but he got me thinking.  There are emotions and experiences that are unique to writers.  There are behaviors that when witnessed in a writer are met with shaking heads, or knowing smiles, that would bring suggestions of therapy to most others.

We are obssesive.  We are single-minded at times to the point of irritating everyone around us.  We are reclusive, and at the same time crave attention.  We write for ourselves, and yet we whine if the world doesn’t notice.  And the most important point I have to make here?  We have to share these experiences with one another.


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