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Okay, I keep saying I'll remember to put updates here, but my original plan is not a sound one.  originally I intended to mirror some of my posts from Macabre Ink here and double my "circulation" but apparently Google frowns on identical content in multiple places, and it's hard enough to improve search rankings without pissng off spiders and bots.

Anyway... Trish and I got final approval on our Stargate Atlantis outline. We'll b egin work on "Brimstone and Salt" when the contracts are finalized and signed...looking forward to it.

I've decided to work on a novel tentatively titled "The Ledger" during Nanowrimo this year. As I have done every year, I'll be having a read-along, but this time it's different. I found the Yahoo e-mail groups very clunky. This time out I created a WordPress blog on my site where readers can register to read private posts. That blog is there only for the read-along group. I'll post the chapters as I write them, each chapter will have it's own set of comments and discussion - thee will be prizes and giveaways, as in previous years. This year the text will be cleaner and better formatted, and the discussions will be open all along, because they aren't going to pop into anyone's e-mail and irritate them.

For those who like the e-mail, of course, there is the rss. feed, which serves that purpose nicely.

My collection, ENNUI & OTHER STATES OF MADNESS is available now. You can order it directly from the publisher or at The Horror Mall The limited and lettered editions will be out soon - and there is still time to register to win the hand-made leather-bound edition and the antique bullseye lantern. 350 plus pages of fiction, and the trade paperback is signed - only $19.95. Ordert today!

Hope to see some of you signed up to read along as I write "The Ledger".

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