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Just a few quick notes.

The contract is in for Trish and I's Stargate Atlantis novel, so the writing will start VERY soon. Have realized our title was actually fitting for the very first proposal shot we sent in - which transformed. Brimstone and Salt may not have any direct connection now...hmmm

More information, backstories, excerpts, etc. are live at http://ennui.macabreink.com - where I am putting up information to help convince you all you must read my new collection, Ennui & Other States of Madness

I actually got paid GOOD MONEY for poetry, which will appear in a Halloween themed poetry antho edited by Al Sarrantonio in the near future. Will wonders never cease?

The link to sign up and read along as I write THE LEDGER is http://nanobook.macabreink.com - you will need to register. Registered users will be able to read PRIVATE posts. The rest of the world will only see the occasional non-private post that I've put up to lure in more readers. The fun starts in November.

My novel VINTAGE SOUL - which also has it's own site, chock full and continuing to grow, dedicated to hints and techniques for writing novels, particularly during Nanowrimo. http://vintagesoul.macabreink.com

And don't forget that most of my posts - thoughts - updates - etc. appear now at: http://www.macabreink.com

See you all over.

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