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Just wanted to drop in and note that my quarterly column is live at Chizine and there are tons of updates over at Macabre Ink on life, my books, Lolkatz and more.. Nanowrimo tips and posts at Vintage Soul - the Website and info on my latest colelction (now available) at Ennu & Other States of Madness Also, as always, I'll be letting people read along and win prizes as I write this year's Nanowrimo novel. This time I'm doing it in a Wordpress blog - you can sign up to see and comment on the private posts at The Ledger - The Nanobook Read-Along Site -

The Not Quite Right Reverend Cletus J. Diggs and the Currently Accepted Habits of Nature is due to the publisher this week...WOOT. There are a very few copies left at the horror mall...

If you buy certain books from Camelot books, the limited set of three chapbooks by myself and Brian A. Hopkins are free gifts just now. There are only 300 signed and numberd sets...so act fast!

Until next update..

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