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Thought you'd all enjoy a post I made today on my website - the new blog (much like this old blog) I'm still trying to figure out what to do...I love Live Journal, but my website is WordPress, and keeping them both up seems silly... (sigh).


I was reading over at Storytellers Unplugged and got all caught up in Brian Hodge’s new essay on - of all things - despair.  I’m not going to try and follow in his footsteps or belabor a point, but he got me thinking.  There are emotions and experiences that are unique to writers.  There are behaviors that when witnessed in a writer are met with shaking heads, or knowing smiles, that would bring suggestions of therapy to most others.

We are obssesive.  We are single-minded at times to the point of irritating everyone around us.  We are reclusive, and at the same time crave attention.  We write for ourselves, and yet we whine if the world doesn’t notice.  And the most important point I have to make here?  We have to share these experiences with one another.


Last night I put up the photos of the Caiman Edition - the one-of-a-kind edition of my novella "The Not Quite Right Reverend Cletus J. Diggs & The Currently Accepted Habits of Nature," up on my journal over at This Blog Post at Macabre Ink

A coupe of images to tantalize...

You can still order it over at The Horror Mall...

Wanted to note that over on my website, Macabre Ink I have begun a project. I actually started this on a bulletin board, but to be honest, communities like that just aren't stable...I don't see my site going anywhere in the near future, so I moved my quest in house...

The bulletin board in question had quite a collection of those smiley little critteres we know as Emoticons. I started out sort of jokingly writing short flash fiction pieces about them, in order. I now have (well, I don't know how many I have...more than thirty) such pieces. I have posted ten of them so far ...

You can read along Here - the NecronomIcon

Keep watching daily as I post those already written and try to catch up...I believe there are more than thirty completed...but only ten have been posted so far.



Ennui & Other States of Madness Promotional Giveaway

Youknow me. I love a good contest. The signature sheets for all threeeditions of the book were signed this morning and will go out intomorrow’s mail. Today I spent most of the day working on thone-of-a-kind hand sewn and bound edition of my upcoming collectionfrom Dark Regions - ENNUI & OTHER STATES OF MADNESS. The book willbe leather bound (such as hand-made by me is) and is sewn and bound byhand. There will be some sketches and hand-written notes and extrasadded when it’s completed…and it will of course be signed and annotatedas a one-and-only edition. This one also includes rough sketchillustrations artist Don Paresi originally did for the project thatwere later removed due to the HUGE size of the book…this is a 360 pagebook.

I have completed the sewing of the signatures, and I have glued themand readied them for attaching to the spine. I will be finishing theboards and spine tomorrow and completing the book. I will have aspecial traycase as well…more on that later. Also included is a veryspecial item that is directly associated with the title story of thebook.

When I wrote ENNUI - which is a story of Jack the RIpper - I wasafter some detail I couldn’t get by normal research. One of the thingsthat I watned to know was just how much light one of the bullseyelanterns carried by London Bobbies in the 1800s gave off…particularlyin fog. I went to eBay, and I bought (not cheaply) such a lantern. It’sabsolutely period and authentic, for all I know it was carried on thestreets during the same time period Jack was running crazy. I can tellyou absolutely…not much light, and in heavy fog (which we also get herenear the dismal swamp) it’s useless.

Anyway..whoever wins the one-of-a-kind edition of Ennui will alsoreceive this antique bullseye lantern. I paid nearly a hundred bucksfor it, but it seems right to let it stay with the story….so here yougo.
These pictures are of the book in progress, and of the lantern. Onlythose who preorder the limited edition of my book are eligible for thecontest. The best price is at THE HORROR MALL where you can save a few bucks.


This is the book block with the marks on the spine to show me where to punch holes…OUCH…I need a real awl for this…



Today is the first day that my new short story collection, “Ennui & Other States of Madness” is available for preorder. ennui_large_1_.jpgI’m happy to say this one will be for sale in three states, and one of them is an affordable trade paperback! This is a massive collection, over 120,000 words of fiction, including a brand new novella and a couple of previously unpublished stories. The cover art is by the talented Mr. Don Paresi - the introduction was written by Brian Hodge. I’m thrilled to have this one coming out…it is (by request of the publisher) a “definitive” collection, spanning many years, many styles…and many words. You can pre-order this by clicking on the cover image!

The Table of Contents:

Ennui -First published at Amazon.com Shorts
Death And His Brother Sleep -First Publication
From My Reflection Darkly -First Published in Deathrealm
The Gentle Brush Of Wings -First Published in “Defining Moments”
You Are Just Like Gods -First Published in “Extremes”
For These Things I Am Truly Thankful -First Published in “Haunted Holidays”
Pretty Boys In Blue And Long Hair Dangling -Seen once in this very blog
In His Heart Live Dragons -First Published in Deathrealm
New Leather & Old Cognac -First Published in Cemetery Dance as “For Sylvia” published at Amzon.com
Darkness & And The Light -First Published in “The Gosssamer Eye”
The Call Of Farther Shores -First Published in “Lost on the Darkside,” Reprinted 2005: Best Horror
The Fall Of The House Of Escher -First published in “The Fall of the House of Escher & Other Illusions”
Blameless -First published in Robert Bloch’s Psychos
When Words Collide -First Published in “SHIVERS”
The Whirling Man -First Published in “The Darker Side”
More Than Words -First Published in “Extremes IV”
The Preacher’s Marsh -Unpublished


Author Brian Pinkerton Interviewed

Over at Macabre Ink I've posted an interview with author Brian Pinkerton. I recently reviewed his novel, The Killer's Diary, which will come out this year from The Full Moon Press - and I thought people might be interested to know more about the author.

CLICK HERE to read the interview.
CLICK HERE to read the review.
CLICK HERE to pre-order his novel.


Yep, you heard me. My novel MAELSTROM is now available for pre-order from Full Moon Press. Maelstrom_limited_.jpgIf you click on the cover art you can pre-order at THE HORROR MALLwhere you won't be charged a penny until they have the book in hand. Ifyou pre-order, you'll be entered in a contest to win a guitar decoratedby Alex McVey, the cover artist, and signed by all the fictionalmembers of the band, MAELSTROM. The Mall also features Layaway...justsaying.

I have a page up here on the site that talks about the writing andhistory of this novel, and there is also an excerpt available - all ofChapter One. I'm pretty proud of this book. It's a return to straighthorror novels for me.

Something in Lavender, California is waking up. Rituals not properlycompleted for centuries are coming together. Nothing is what it seems....

READ ALL ABOUT IT and an excerpt from the novel at Macabre Ink

I put up a free short-short over at Macabre Ink that might amuse you. More news coming soon...things have been flu-ridden, then hectic, then drenched in allergies...and yet the words continue to flow.


This year - for me - is almost surreal in quality.  I have fourbooks due, stories being published, things being considered for furtherpublications - and I find myself nominated for the Bram Stoker Award inthree categories.  It’s a little hard to take in.

This award has been maligned often and loudly, and of course, whenthe nominations came through, I found myself mulling over the reasons. The organization behind the awards, HWA (The Horroror Writer’sAssociation) has had it’s ups and downs - as any organization will. The award process is different from most of the other genre awards, inthat it is recommended by all members and voted on by only “Active”members.  It can become quite the popularity contest - but in the end,when the final ballots are cast, somehow it seems to level off.

Read The Rest of the Post at Macabre Ink


First I’d like to thank any and all of you who bought ‘The Not Quite Right Reverend Cletus J. Diggs & The Currently Accepted Habits of Nature” already. It’s been #1 on the bestseller list at the HORROR MALL since it was announced, and that is an interactive system. It automatically updates in response to sales, so I know people are still buying, and I appreciated it. If the book intrigues you at all…you’d better jump quick. The book is an old school limited edition - 100 copies with some cool bells and whistles…a lettered edition with MORE bells and whistles (more on that in a minute) and a LOYALTY edition (of which only 7 will be issued). There is also the one-of-a-kind CAIMAN edition - you have to pre-order to be entered into the contest for that one…comes with a stand manufactured using an authentic alligator paw and deer horns straight out of The Great Dismal Swamp. Like before, you can preorder this book at the Horror Mall by clicking on the book cover. They never charge until your book is ready to ship - and they have lay-a-way!

Anyway… here is the breakdown of the coolness available in each edition. They will all be signed … a remarque - for those who don’t know - is a small, original sketch drawn for each book by the artist (in this case, Zach McCain)web_ready_cletus_cover.jpg


  • Bonded Leather, Hardcover w/dustjacket. (Will ship in Brodart archival cover)
  • Dripping with art. Zach McCain has provided five full page black and white illustrations as well as unique art for the foil stamp, signature page and art for the chapter headings.
  • Introduction by Bram Stoker Award-Winning author Elizabeth Massie.


  • Even more delicious art. There are two full page color illustrations in this one.
  • Evolution of a Critter Book. A photo essay detailing the evolution of the Caiman Edition.
  • The Name Story. Bad Moon has a reputation for delivering great stories featuring the names of our lettered buyers. David has some great ideas and I expect to have it soon. This story WILL NOT appear in the Loyalty Edition. We treasure the loyalty of our lettered buyers and wanted to make sure they always have something unique and special.
  • Frontispiece of cover art.
  • Unique signature page.
  • Introduction by Bram Stoker Award-Winning author Elizabeth Massie.


  • Additional Full page color illustration by Zach McCain.
  • Expunged material from the manuscript.
  • Essay on life in the south ‘by Cletus’.
  • Black and White illustration David Niall Wilson.
  • Black and White illustration by Elizabeth Massie
  • Remarqued by artist Zach McCain.
  • Unique signature page.
  • Different leather color.
  • Introduction by Bram Stoker Award-Winning author Elizabeth Massie.


I have never done one of these before. It’s a new thing for me to have a story that REQUIRES twenty-six names, and not to even know what those names are ahead of time. I’ve started the story. It is a Cletus J. Diggs story…only the second ever, and it will only appear in the lettered edition of this book. I’m having a lot of fun with it.

ESSAY: I convinced Cletus to pen an essay about life near Old Mill, NC. Not surprisingly, a lot of what he has to say sounds very familiar to me … here’s a teaser…the first paragraph:

“Near Old Mill, North Carolina, there are roads signs every few miles that read Dead End. They aren’t even numbered. All of them are dead ends, of course, but they lead off into fields, wind around corners, and stop. People live on those roads. Ruined farms loom in the shadows of the trees. Makes you wonder how they ever got mail. For miles around you can smell the scent of the swamp, riding on the cotton dust and pollen. From time to time you see a shack or a trailer so fallen down and rotten looking it seems like the Earth has opened up to swallow it. Outside, you’ll see a pickup truck and a line with laundry drying in the sun.”

– Cletus Jehosephat Diggs

A final note…it would be wonderful if some ladies bought the lettered edition. Why, you might ask? I’ll tell you. It’s hard to write a story with twenty-six characters and none of them are women, you know? Unless you want Brian to be Brianna and Andrew to become androgynous… help a fella out?

Next entry will cover the Bram Stoker Awards in the categories I’ve been nominated in. I was perusing the lists of past winters, and it was sobering to think I might actually become part of one of those lists before the week is out…a bit humbling too.

Until then…