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Over at Macabre Ink I've put up a new five question interview with author Thomas Sullivan, as well as reviews of his novels SECOND SOUL and DUST OF EDEN. Hurry on over and give it a read!


Sarah Monette Inteviewed at Macabre Ink!

There's a brand new interview with author and Storytellers Unplugged Contributor Sarah Monette truepenny over at Macabre Ink She talks about academia, Tolkien, World Building, and more.

In conjunction with my review of their joint collection, SINS OF THE SIRENS, I've decided to conduct a mini series of Sins of the Sirens interviews with the ladies behind the words. To start it off, I have interviewed Maria Alexander ladyeuthanasia today over at MACABRE INK - go and check it out. In the days to come look for interviews with Loren Rhoads morbidloren, Mehitobel Wilson mehitobel and Christa Faust faustfatale - fascinating ladies with a lot of talent and some interesting things to share.


New Book Review at Macabre Ink...

I just finished a pretty in-depth review of the collection SINS OF THE SIRENS - which is a compilation of fiction from authors Loren Rhoads morbidloren - Maria Alexander ladyeuthanasia - Mehitobel Wilson mehitobel and Christa Faust faustfatale . This is intense, erotically charged fiction at its finest. Go - read the review! Buy the book!
Over at Storytellers Unplugged John Skipp wrote an essay about letting honesty show through our words. Well, to be honest, first he used someone else's words to tell it, and then in the comments section he did it himself. He also challenged people to write something in a brutal honest fashion. I didn't do that exactly...I wrote ABOUT writing in an honest fashion in an honest fashion...

You can read that post AT MACABRE INK


Conspiracy Theory Tuesday at Macabre Ink

Today in the journal at Macabre Ink I espouse the theory of why blue denim fades, and where our lost socks are going...as well as pointing to another conspiracy from Scott Adams at the Dilbert Blog. Go! READ.. Macabre Ink

I will soon do an interview with my buddy illustrator / artist Don Paresi. For the moment, I've redone his page over at my website, and I wanted to pass that on. You can get there from the latest journal entry here (or one of the latest by the time you see this, maybe...) ANYWAY... CLICK HERE

I'm still doing the Deep Blue Five Question Interviews - I'm just posting them on the new site...this being the OLD site, not as new as the new site, and much older...

SO...if you want to learn about author Richard Dansky and his new novel out from Wizards of the Coast, FOLLOW THIS LINK!

It's my turn in the saddle over at Storytellers Unplugged.My topic? Inspiration, and how you record it when it comes yourway...below is a quick excerpt...follow the link at the end to read thefull post...

 When Inspiration Strikes It’s Best to be Prepared

by David Niall Wilson

Sometimesyou get images that stick. It’s a good idea to write them down, even ifyou can’t currently pry yourself from life or leisure long enough toput them to proper use, or to complete them. I’ve been toying with thesadness of Greyhound stations, the way they seem to suck in people withno real place to go, the poor, those whose loves or lives are intatters — people giving up and going back, and people hoping thatsomething at the other end of a bouncing, lonely ride might be better.Anyway, this train of thought started me thinking about inspiration,how it comes at the oddest moments, and what you can do to preserverthose moments so that when you desperately need the shot in the armthey provide, they are ready to hand.

 ====>> Read The Entire Essay ===>>

Check out today's entry over at Macabre Ink and see what you think.

Also, the music MEME is still there...not a lot of responses yet...did I do it wrong (sigh).